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About us

MODEXO Hardware is founded on our expertise in the glass shower and decorative hardware industries, combined with our belief that consumers value products with superior style and quality.

Our commitment to quality extends to our service-and-support promise to our trade partners. MODEXO Hardware provides complete and accurate information, rapid and reliable delivery, and accurate transactions.

What Makes MODEXO Hardware Unique?

Unlike other hardware manufacturers, MODEXO hardware is designed by shower design experts, with input from shower installers. Our focus is 100% on making sure that your shower door installation is easier  and faster!

That’s right: with the enhancements we’ve made to our hardware products, your shower door installations will not only go faster, but you’ll feel more confident in the success of your whole project. Imagine being able to make the kind of adjustments that used to require taking the door down entirely - with just a few minor twists. Now you don’t have to...MODEXO has made that a reality for you.

MODEXO Shower Door Hardware

MODEXO offers you a full range of shower door hardware for all of your shower door installation needs.

Beautiful and Functional

Not only have we made the enhancements to make MODEXO shower door hardware easier for you, we’ve made it beautiful, so your customers will love it too. Each piece of MODEXO hardware feels substantial and durable so you know it is a high-quality product.

MODEXO shower door hardware is made of corrosion-resistant solid brass, and finished with your choice of finishes, including traditional chrome, subdued brushed nickel, on-trend oil-rubbed bronze, and modern polished nickel. We also offer both rounded and squared edge profiles, to match your customer’s decor.

Bring high-functioning beauty to each shower enclosure you install!

Your Online Source for Premium Quality Shower Door Hardware

Our objective on is to make finding and purchasing shower door hardware fast and easy for you, too. We know as a busy professional, you don’t have a lot of time. That’s why we’ve created a site that lets you find the hardware you need by navigating there or by search. Creating an account with us gives you special pricing and incentives to work with us. Keep track of your past orders and quickly order new hardware shipments.

Helping You Succeed with MODEXO

Our goal is to earn and retain your trust by helping you succeed.

Glass shower installers may contact our customer service department to order our full-color print catalog for use with their customers.

Our Team